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miFIN™ – Cloud Lending Platform

miFIN™ Lending and Leasing Suite is a mobile lending and leasing technology platform designed for banking and financial services companies to completely automate the ecosystem- from client solicitation to underwriting, disbursals, servicing, client service, credit management, collections, revenue and expense booking, regulatory compliance, etc.
With a workflow based multiproduct mobile and web driven originations platform that’s backed by a robust service and management engine, miFIN™ helps lending companies drive paperless collaboration among its stakeholders. With multiple integrations to bureaus and other third party data providers, industry templates for income assessment, configurable credit policy and eligibility calculator, this cloud based lending management system results in improved and faster credit assessment, and increased efficiency across the lending lifecycle. miFIN™ is a workflow based multiproduct platform to create a new lending paradigm in the digital age.

Business Benefits of miFIN™ Lending

The web and mobile based branchless and paperless lending disbursal model empowers your sales team to drive an in-principle sanction in minutes.

Increased sales productivity

Multi-bureau checks, strong data deduplication, identity validations, industry based income assessment templates for SMEs, and a configurable credit policy engine ensure your risks are minimized. With miFIN™ Straight through Processing (STP) workflows, clients can approve a loan in a matter of minutes.

Better Credit Assesment

Out of the box product variants like flexible structures, overdrafts, moratorium in between a loan term in addition to standard loan products, flexible charges definition and other rules, empowers your business to design innovative and client focused products.

Launch new product variants

A highly configurable masters driven system, with bulk/batch handling of volume operational processes like receipts & clearance uploads, rate resets and more, which results in high operational efficiency

Higher operational effectiveness

A strong enterprise architecture ensures flexibility, controls to avoid fraud, and configurability without any compromise on effective controls and compliances.
miFIN™ provides the framework for configuring various regulatory and business policies for accounting, KYC, delinquency, provisioning and NPA norms.

Strong control and compliance

With features such as mobile collection, geo tagging of field collection efforts, settlements, legal and recovery, the miFIN™ loan management software becomes a real-time and efficient enabler of your collection efforts.

Improved collections efficiency


Why miFIN™

Selected As Platform Of Choice By Established And New-Age Lending Companies Alike

miFIN™’s  intelligently designed user experience for business, has a proven track record with several established lending companies including Karvy Finance, Orix Financial, Cholamandalam, SKS Microfinance and new age digital lending companies like Vastu Housing Finance, Aye Finance, Aviom Housing Finance, and more.


Comprehensive Platform With Complete Lending Eco-System Coverage

Arguably the only Loan Management Software (LMS) platform with a holistic view of the lending eco-system, from clients to third party workforce to internal business users across business functions.


Scalable And Robust

Designed and architected by domain and technology experts and tested for scale, miFIN™ provides the right blend of omni-channel comprehensive functional features in an enterprise grade secure technical architecture built on the premise of modularity, scalability and configurability.


Backed By A Strong Delivery And Support Team

In addition to the product, we differentiate ourselves by the trust that our clients place on our delivery and support team. The Qualtech teams are always ready to go the extra mile in our commitment to our clients’ success.

The Product Highlights

Lending Workflow based Solution with efficiency & configurable collections strategy & mobile based real time collections feed

Define Income (interest, fee) recognition norms, & dynamic accounting policy definition with a configurable accounting policy

Manage timelines and notification processes with scheduled and trigger-based, template driven e-mail and SMS alert systems

Intelligent decision support engine for simplified and effective underwriting

Define and roll out new product variants to the market in no time, with the Dynamic Business Policy Manager

API Box providing integration with multiple bureaus and other third party service providers

Simplified KYC norms, delinquency, provisioning, NPA management etc. with our automated control and compliance processes

Integrated document management system with ability to define, scan and retrieve documents at different stages in lending lifecycle


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