miFIN™ Data Quality & Deduplication

Most businesses that run on large volumes of data realize that data doesn’t always translate into information or insight, and this is because of quality issues. Data quality has severe direct and indirect financial impact on a business. Duplicate records leading to multiple mailers being sent out to the same customer, or the inability to catch a potential fraud customer even when details exist are some ways that a business can be affected.

As the name suggests, miFIN™ Data Quality & Deduplication software has two logical components – a Data Quality filter and a Deduplication Engine. The two combine with other features to address data quality issues in a systematic manner. The data quality filter standardizes, refines, enriches and validates the data so that anomalies are removed. The deduplication engine allows for a highly configurable score based rule definition and search algorithms to catch even well-disguised matches. An insightful reporting and analysis module facilitates comparative studies of all matched records. It works on the philosophy of ‘First Time Right’ where it tries and corrects the data at the time of being entered into the system.

Business Benefits

Data Quality & Deduplication software - eliminate data anomaly

Thorough solution for data anomalies
Thorough solution for data anomalies

Invalid data, cross pollination, attribute merging, multiple spellings and synonymous words are significantly reduced.


Unique records
Unique records

One solution helps to deduplicate across a variety of entities including Customers, Collaterals, Addresses, etc

Data Quality & Deduplication software - identify duplicate records

Extract well-disguised matches
Extract well-disguised matches

Using multiple proprietary algorithms that provide greater depth and breadth of database search.

Data Quality & Deduplication software - reduce costs

Reduce costs
Reduce costs

Having the right data entering into your system has direct and indirect cost benefits in terms of checking identity frauds, better customer reach-out efforts in lesser costs, improved business analytics, etc.

Why miFIN™ Data Quality & Deduplication Software?

First time right’ philosophy

miFIN™’s data quality filter and deduplication engine corrects data when it’s being entered into the system.

Maintain customer relationships

Duplicate entries mean a customer gets the same mailers from you multiple times. With the miFIN™ deduplication software, you bring down costs while ensuring that customers are not bombarded.

Multiple solutions rolled into one

From improving the quality of your data to helping you remove duplicates or identifying disguised identity frauds, miFIN™ Deduplication software does it all in one solution. With its parameterized design, you can run it online or in batch mode,

Proven for volumes

miFIN™’s scalable architecture can sift through millions of data records in real time to give you the power of deduplication rather than forcing you to adapt to offline business processes.

Proprietary algorithms for Indian demographics

Our research on Indian names and addresses has helped us develop a proprietary engine that is far more powerful and suited to parse through different variants of same Indian demographic to show them as relevant matches.


Flexibility to define data quality & deduplication rules
Deduplicates against internal database as well as third party lists like negative lists etc
Shows all linked relationships of matching Entity/Customer
Decide on the depth of the “Search”, as you choose from various searching algorithms designed to catch even the well disguised matches
Locates the matched records from multiple databases
Score based de-dupe results with strong standardization features for names, addresses, phone, cities
Ability to upload third party lists and databases
Maintains audit trails, logs and history for all searches. Facilitates horizontal and vertical view of Source and Matched Records



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