miFIN™ Collections

Delinquencies, long customer outstanding, bad debts, recovery and legal recourse are tied to challenges faced in the collections processes. With miFIN™ Collections, you have a debt collection software that can automate and optimize the collections management workflows, so you are able to strategize the right actions for the right case. As a result, collections become more efficient, delinquency is minimized and business costs reduce.

miFIN™ Collections enables sourcing of cases from one or many sourcing systems, categorizing cases and creating logic-based queues and sub-queues based on the action you want to take on each. You can allocate cases to collectors on a case basis or in bulk. With features to handle Promise to Pay, templatized dunning, legal process and repossession management, miFIN™ empowers your collections team to be more efficient and focussed resulting in reduced delinquencies.

Business Benefits

Debt Collection Software : Improved Collection management

Improved collection rates due to better process management, collaboration and system alerts


Effective decision making with real-time information availability to managers

Debt Collection Software - Automating legal process

360 degree view of customer

Debt Collection Software : Improved Collection management

Effective field force tracking and management


Smoothens the process of data collection and submission between field and office

Debt Collection Software - Automating legal process

Automation of legal process

Why miFIN™ Collections?

Debt collection software with working queues based platform that provides comprehensive functional coverage

Handles pre-emptive as well as delinquent collections

Define configurable contact workflow across collection stages

More responsive collection efforts enabled through mobility

The Product Highlights

Visibility of cases of entire hierarchy below oneself

PTP (Promise To Pay) management – capture, auto update of met/broken PTP
Comprehensive customer contact management to audit trail/history of all the actions taken on a case
Cash/Cheque pickup management using a mobility interface
Search and advance search on multiple parameters
Templatized dunning
Legal process management with settlement schedule generation and tracking, and repossession and auction management

Case Studies

Lending for Orix

Orix Financials chose miFIN™ Lending as the fintech platform for their new Loan Against Property (LAP) product. The platform met the requirements of the stakeholders, delivering key benefits for the sales and operations departments while integrating seamlessly with their existing IT set-up. The high year-on-year growth achieved for their LAP product, prompted them to adopt miFIN™ Lending for two of their established financial products as well.

Orix Financials

Financial Services | miFIN™ Lending



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