miFIN™ BI – Manager’s Dashboard

Business intelligence projects typically have a long implementation time and high costs, and yet see low success rates. You can change that with the miFIN™ BI – Managers’ Dashboard software, a ready-to deploy business intelligence suite built specifically for lending companies. The product has been conceptualized and architected by lending business experts to enable accelerated implementation, easy assimilation of changing business requirements, and reduce the costs and complexity associated with BI projects.

miFIN™ is powered by a proprietary, ready to deploy datawarehouse and datamodel with defined KPIs covering various aspects of the lending industry. It is flexible to be deployed and implemented across front end BI tool of your preference like Qlikview, Cognos, BO etc. The exhaustive KPIs cover areas like: Sales, Underwriting, Product Profitability, Risk, Collections and many more.

Business Benefits

miFIN™ BI Managers' Dashboard Software - Accelerated Implementation

Accelerated delivery
Accelerated delivery

Jumpstart your datawarehousing efforts and get started within weeks, not months.

miFIN™ BI Managers' Dashboard Software - Better Reporting

In-depth reporting and analysis
In-depth reporting and analysis

Get detailed dashboards covering multitudes of business KPIs across different business functions to track Bookings, Credit Decisions, Risk, Presentation & Collections, and generate Portfolio reports.


What you see is what you get
What you see is what you get

Rather than getting to see what you will get only towards the last leg of implementation by when it is difficult/costly to make changes.

Why miFIN™ Suite?

Lending BI solution designed by domain experts

With miFIN™ Suite, you get a comprehensive BI dashboard software solution that is designed and implemented by experts who understand the lending domain inside out, and not just the tools.

Deploy it in the technology of your choice

miFIN™ works both on the data repository as well as data visualization layer that you want to use in your enterprise.

Pay for what you get

And not for what is promised in the not-so-foreseeable future.


Uses industry standard terminology and has extensive KPI coverage across business functions
Integrated data, graphical and chart views
Integration with Google Maps
Generate Portfolio reports and get dashboards to track Bookings, Credit Decisions, Risk, Presentation & Collections
Flexible deployment and implementation across front-end BI tools such as Qlikview, Cognos, BO, etc
Export to other data formats
Defined data model for enterprise data-warehouse for lending business
Feature-rich interactive dashboard software that maintains Single Version of Truth while allowing click, slice and dice

KPI Coverage Across


Risk & Underwriting



Product Profitability

Portfolio Quality



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