miFIN™ Mobile Workforce

miFIN™ Mobile Workforce Management platform automates the entire origination and field-based servicing processes giving real-time visibility and access to the right stakeholders. The field force has a single solution where they receive timely worklists, gather all customer data, and submit field details without losing any time on travel, or manual updates. The management team is ensured that field operations are carried out for the right customers, and have a quick TAT while ensuring uniform workloads. With miFIN™ Mobile Workforce, companies get a real time, efficient yet secure process to work and exchange data with the field force.

Business Benefits

miFIN™ Mobile Workforce Management - Faster credit assessment

Improved and faster credit assessment
Improved and faster credit assessment

Accelerate your credit turnaround time with a rule-based, third-party integrated approval process.

miFIN™ Mobile Workforce Management - Field force management

Effective field-force management
Effective field-force management

Efficiently manage third-party field agencies with web, mobile and tablet based platforms, and real-time partner dashboards. Geo-tagging and effective analytics reduces the probability of false reports.

miFIN™ Mobile Workforce Management - Comprehensive functional coverage

Comprehensive functional coverage
Comprehensive functional coverage

Supports all third-party field operations—residence verification, vendor screening, mortgage valuation etc—on a single system instance.


Easier to scale business at reduced costs
Easier to scale business at reduced costs

With miFIN™ Mobile Workforce Management platform, you are practically ready with a virtual branch reducing the need of physical branches to reach out and effectively manage your customers and team.

Why miFIN™ Mobile Workforce?

Improve operational efficiency

Real time data and decision exchange between field force and branch users results in real time processing and faster turnaround times. It also eliminates idle pockets between initiation, allocations, execution and reporting of results by field force, and effective data syncing avoids duplication of work.

Secure enterprise data

miFIN™ Mobile Workforce Management platform keeps the mobile data encrypted to ensure your data is meant for your enterprise only.

Implement paperless business process

Comprehensive functional coverage with two-way sync allows effective collaboration between field force and branch/HO users helping in implementing truly paperless business processes.


Real time data capture and tracking using web and mobile interfaces
Straight through rule-based underwriting. Ability to define working queues for field force
Equip your sales force with a powerful system-based, policy-driven customer evaluation framework
Interface for core systems available in form of web-services
Upload documents with mobile/tablets using integrated document management
Its offline mode ensures your business is on even in no/low network areas

* VMware State of Business Mobility Report 2015

Clients Speak

  • “With the constant change and our unconventional view of the Indian financial market we evaluated various Loan Systems on different parameters including depth and breadth of features. Finally, we selected Qualtech’s miFIN™ platform and we are happy we made the right choice. The change in the technology infrastructure in the last few years – low…

    Sandeep Menon MD & CEO - Vastu Housing Finance

Case Studies

Mobile Workforce for Vastu Housing

For Vastu Housing Finance, Qualtech implemented a paperless lending workflow using miFIN™ web and mobile platform deployed on cloud. The complete originations process till disbursal is enabled on Android mobiles and tablets. For the affordable housing space in the self-employed customer segment, Qualtech has implemented Income Assessment Template on mobile.

Vastu Housing Finance

Financial Services | miFIN™ Mobile Workforce



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