miFIN™ Lead Management

miFIN™ Lead Management software empowers your sales force to track leads effectively, across channels, and throughout the lead lifecycle, from lead generation to nurturing to conversion. miFIN™ modules are designed to capture all lead data, from demographics and occupational details, to the financial products they use, and the kind of financial services they require in the future. This is supported by a strong rule based eligibility engine to empower sales team to effectively respond to customers resulting in better and quick conversions.


Business Benefits

Lead Management software - boost conversions

Improved throughput
Improved throughput

miFIN™ Lead Management software gives you the ability to handle a large volume of leads, across channels


Improved conversion rates
Improved conversion rates

miFIN™’s powerful eligibility engine roots out non-eligible cases at the lead stage, saving time and improving conversion rates at the post application login state. It also give you a lead management software that throws up matching products as per customer requirements and eligibility.


Improved sales productivity
Improved sales productivity

Real-time dashboards and system driven reminders make sure that your sales team has all relevant information at their fingertips, at all times. Teams are able to allocate, refer and escalate leads to the right sales person, at the right time, leading to faster closures.

Lead Management software - efficient lead tracking

Better tracking and performance management
Better tracking and performance management

A standardized, integrated system helps get a single view of the performance of your sales teams, giving you insights, maintaining accountability, and eliminating any process deviations.

Why miFIN™ Lead Management

Efficient lead nurturing

Every aspect of the process, from tracking the lead through the sales funnels, to scheduling appointments and maintaining communication history, is system driven. No customer touch point, be it a mail, a call, or a reminder, is missed or forgotten.

Eligibility calculation

Ability to define eligibility rules based on customer demographics, constitution, product type, various income parameters.

Manage Do Not Disturb contacts better

With the ability to upload incremental DND lists, and a scrub of new and existing records against the list, you can ensure that your sales force is on the right side of compliance.  

The Product Highlights

Multiple modes of lead generation – through user interface, bulk uploads, express lead generation
Advance search and personalised filters to define your customized approach using multiple personalized worklists
Eligibility Rule Engine running on multiple parameters to define customer eligibility across different product lines
Lead Categorisation to define Queues based multiple parameters and business focus
Rule-based auto-allocation and case level manual allocation along with scheduling and tracking calls & appointments with alerts and reminders
Exposes web service API to interface with third-party channels like websites, applications etc
Deduplication against existing leads to auto-populate data elements
Real time mobility module enables sales team to be more with the customers rather than at office updating their work

Case Studies

Case Study for MyMoneyMantra

myMoneyMantra adopted the miFIN Lead Management modules for their team of 2000+ tele-callers, with great results.
Their sales teams was offering multiple products – credit cards, personal loans, home loans, business loans etc. miFIN’s configurable eligibility engine was able compute eligibility for customers and match them to the right products. The HTML based, easy user interface and multiple modes of lead generation made the team extremely productive. myMoneyMantra was also able to view a real time team performance monitoring dashboard.
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Client Speaks

  • “We are one of India’s leading financial services distribution company in the lending industry since 1989. With an operational footprint across 25 cities, 1500 employees, multiple products on offer, 50+ partner financial institutions etc. we felt the need for an end to end automation solution. We are glad to have partnered with Qualtech to implement…

    Rahul Soota Partner - MyMoneyMantra



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